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USTA Junior Team Tennis

Fall, 2016 Junior Team Tennis

Fall, 2016 Castro Valley Junior Team Tennis

Fall, 2016 Castro Valley Junior Team Tennis

1st place: The Nikes/Cameron, Rasberry, Nick, Cyrus, Isis
2nd place: Blue Eagles/Sachin, Charlotte, Drew, Kai, Theo
3rd place: Team A/Josh, Ben, Raymond, Charlize, Rafael
4th place: Athletic Llamas/Tim, Levina, Miranda, Tristan, Emmy
Most Improved = Cyrus Chiu and Raymond Chin

Summer, 2016 Junior Team Tennis

Summer, 2016 Junior Team Tennis

Summer, 2016 Junior Team Tennis

1st place = Red Condors (Tim, Saachi, Daniel, Shanmitha)
2nd place = MiniVans (Cameron, Jasmine, Lynee, Komel)
3rd place = Blue Tennis Warriors (Josh, Vincent, Eddie, Levina)
4th place = Blue Wildcats (Camille, Emily, Miranda, Curtis)

Spring, 2016 Junior Team Tennis

2016 Spring Junior Team Tennis

1st place = Green Salamanders (Lynee, Amir, Nick, Cameron, Katelyn, Sara)

2nd place = Blue Dolphins (Levina, Jasmine, Corina, Tim, Reha, Miles)

3rd place = Hotshots (Charlotte, Lauryn, Miranda, Ananyaa, Jack, Syed, Riley)

4th place = Jedis (Ben, MacKenzie, Malena, Magnus, Isabel, Maya)

Most Improved Player = Riley Carter

Winter, 2016 Junior Team Tennis


1st place Pandas = Joyen, Corina, Zhen, Lynee, Nick, Gwyneth

2nd place Swoosh = Charlotte, Lauren, Ashley, Miranda, Josh, Blair, Emily

3rd place Fireballs = Aarav, Tania, Jasmine, Ethan, Christian, Levina

4th place Green Aces = Camille, Raspberry, Ava, Ben, Lauren, Asher

Fall, 2015 Junior Team Tennis:

Typhoons = Ethan, Levina, Emily, John, Kylie, Helen

Thunder = Camille, Brian, Henry, Zhenshu, Lynee, Lue

Tornados = Brendan, Ava, Corina, Yuri, Samantha, Drew

Hot Shots = Tania, Jasmine, Ashley, Joshua, Priscilla, Kiefer

2015 Fall JTT

Summer, 2015 Junior Team Tennis:

Summer, 2015 JTT

Congratulations to the medalists Flying Tacos, and Lynee Sims as Most Improved Player!

1st place = Flying Tacos: Yannik, Levina, Yuri, Ashley with 210 points

2nd place = The Peoples: Tobias, Daniel, Cameron, Brendan with 186 points

3rd place = Fast Foods: Joshua, Lynee, Sammie, Camille, Samantha with 152 points

Spring, 2015 Junior Team Tennis:2015 Spring JTT

1st place: Fireballs: Kalina, Atilla, Corina, Samantha, David, Ben, Curtis = 479 points

2nd place : Purple Penguins: Camille, Scott, Brandon, Levina, Santo, Lynee, Malachi = 446 points

3rd place : Red Dragons: Skyler, Joshua, Aidan, Leo, Daniel, Heidi, Olive = 389 points

4th place: Nobodies: Yannik, Jayla, Talaya, Hiba, Kayla, Nick, Gideon = 385 points

Congratulations to Most Improved Players: Aidan Loorz and Levina La

Winter 2015, Junior Team Tennis:

1st place = Green Iguanas = Scott Coleman, Aidan Loorz, Talaya Francois, Levina La, Corina Kong, Ben Barde = 289 points

2nd place = The Green Bulldogs = Tobias Taylor, Sammy Lee, CJ Olsen, Santo Lukito, Kalina Francois = 284 points

3rd place = Hot Sauce = Yannick Eckart, AJ Bansal, Nick Tsang, Jack Colbert, Kayla Perrott, Nate Sassoon = 276 points

4th place = No Names = Ben Tsang, Milo Fernandez, Leo Lukito, Curtis Werning, Blake Lamm = 238 points

2015 USTA Winter League 001

Fall 2014, CV/USTA  Junior Team Tennis League Results:   

Fall, 2014 CV/USTA JTT

Fall, 2014 CV/USTA JTT

Final Fall, 2014 League results:  

CV Snipers: Scott Coleman, Corina Kong, Dinis Morita, Joyen Chau, Rafael Castro = 282 points

The Leopards: Ben Tsang, Josh Levano, Camille Camoro, Blake Lamm, Ian Woo = 274 points

The Fireballs = Levina La, Natalie Chau. Curtis Werbing, Nosheen Hossain, Samantha Pang, Tobias Taylor = 254 points

The Sloppy Joe’s = AJ Bansal, Kayla Perrott, Nick Tsang, Radha Desai, Yannik Eckart = 178 points

Most Improved = Congratulations to Curtis Werning and Kayla Perrott

Summer, 2014, CV/USTA  League Results:   

Summer, 2014 CV/USTA League Final Summer League results:  High Point (by group): Scott Coleman, CJ Olsen, Samantha Pang Most Improved (by group): Spenser Lin-Jones, Levina La, Daniel Priem   Dragons (Tobias, Scott, Joshua, Levina, CJ, Natalie)  = 211 Ding Dongs (Yannik, Samantha, AJ, Nick, Camille, Lana, Hannah) = 177 Red Wilson Racquets(Ben, Riley, Lana, Daniel, Samantha, James, Ricky) = 171 Pentahydras (Ethan, Gabe, Spenser, Corina, Joyen)  = 167

Spring 2014 Team

Final Team Results: Congratulations to the Spring League Champs – Da Boss (Ben, Tobias, Lauren, Lindsey, Levina. Joyen) = 340 points The A Team (Dinis, Emma, Tommy, Marissa, Samantha) = 308 points Lightning Balls (Yannik, Tania, Nick, Rebecca, Karina) = 301 points Nothing But Skill (Alex, Avinash, Corina, Prisha, Alisha) = 236 points High point winner; Yannik Eckart and Emma Fogle Most Improved: Avinash Subraman and Marissa Wong

2014 CV USTA Spring League 001

Congratulations to the Winter, 2014 Teams

Winners: Flaming Tennis Balls = Ben T., Corina, Milo, Todd D., Regina, Lindsey 2nd place: The Aces = Todd N., Thel, Sammie, Dinis, Nick, Lauren 3rd place: Racquet Rebels: Yannik, Scott, Tobias, Emma, Siya, Seth 4th place: Blackjacks Thomas, Ben B., Spenser, Rowan, Jamie, Ruchi

CV/USTA Team Tennis League - Winter, 2014

CV/USTA Team Tennis League – Winter, 2014

Congratulations to the Fall, 2013 teams:

1st Place/Green Racquets = 306 (Austin, Alex, Tania, Siya and Ben) 2nd Place/Green Fire =  268 (Yannik, Spenser, Ruchi, Rachel and Tejas) 3rd place/Pizza Pies = 251 (Ajay, Tobias, Monav, Rhea and Sammie) 4th place/Blue Dragons = 222 (Regina, Scott, Hayate, Advik and Marina)

High point winners = Tobias Taylor and Ruchi Kamboj

Most improved = Siya Kamboj and Ben Tsang

CV/USTA Team Tennis League, Fall, 2013

CV/USTA Team Tennis League, Fall, 2013

Summer, 2013, CV Junior Team Tennis League

CV-USTA August 2013 Fun Fest 002

July, 2013 005

Congratulations on a terrific season:

High point winner = Austin Ralleta with 69 points (Suzi’s group), and Stephanie Toy with 54 points (Kevin’s group)

Most improved players = Regina Salcido and Ruchi Kamboj

Final Summer, 2013, Team Standings:

1st place = 239 points, The Wolverines = Austin, Spenser, Regina, Allyson, Stephanie, 

2nd place – 219 points, Joe’s Tacos = Yannik, Ajay, Ruchi, Camryn, Tobias

3rd place – 173 points, The Blue Racquets = Preetish, Riley, Siya, Silas, Mason

CV Junior Tennis League 003

Spring, 2013 Standings

Congratulations to Blue Skies (Team Blue) –

the winner of the Spring Castro Valley Junior Team Tennis League with 221 team points!

Congratulations also to Ethan Kwong, high point winner for the season,

and Lorus Liang and Stephanie Toy for Most Improved Players!

Spring, 2013, Roster: Magical Cows (Zac Deigert, Sean Pletcher, Curtis Werning, Aaron Lin, Lorus Liang, Jennifer Toy, Rohan John) Fast aces (Brandon Choy, Regina Salcido, Austin Ralleta, Spenser Lin-Jones, Caden Liang, Stephanie Toy, Baker  Hasty) California Cows (Victoria Vitton, Yannik Eckart, Jordan Turco, Ethan Huang, Beckman Hart, Siya Kamboj. Will Akita, Dudley Hasty) Blue Skies (Ethan Kwong, Erin Watson, Erika Mattison, Ajay Ralleta, Scott Coleman, Hagan Kwong, Ruchi Kamboj, Colin Young)

Spring, 2012 League Highlights:

May 13: Mother’s Day Tournanent

1st place (in age group) = Samar & Nemita, Emma & George, Yannik & Mike

2nd place  – Beckman & Lilli, Michael & Jamie, Miranda & Lori

May 6 – Purple Tennis Balls d. The Blue Bees

April 29 – The Tennis Winners d. Doggie Ping-Pong

April 22 – The Shamrocks d. The Zebras

March 4 – The Awesome Possums and The Brotherhood d. Ninja Assassination and Nike Knights

April 29, 2012 – Castro Valley Junior Tennis league welcomes Lisa Dodson, creator of the Total Serve, who gave us a lesson on serving.

 With tennis racquets, balls and courts that are sized right, and play that is appropriate, kids build confidence, improve their skills and stay active.  Players participate at their level against opponents of similar skills.  The emphasis is placed on:

  • Participation
  • Effort
  • Sportsmanship

This low key competition is organized in a format to allow children to play again and again, whether they win or lose.  Matches are short in duration, players are grouped by ability and game modifications allow each child to experience success.  The kids play multiple matches both with and against a variety of players; serving, rally and scoring over a net.

HIGHLIGHTS from 2011:

11/13/11 Doubles Tournament – Congratulations to the players who participated in the doubles tournament for ages 7-8: Eddie Bakovic, Miranda Becquet, Caitlyn Cu, Mikella Diegert, Ava Eagan, Emma Fogle, Beckman Hart, Kyla Metchette and Peter Tanaka. 

 Congratulations also to the players in the (9-14) doubles tournament – Sandya Andrews, Grace Boyd, Yannik Eckart, Christopher Ma, Jordan Turco, Ian Thompson and Philip Vakoula 11/6/11 Singles Tournament – Congratulations to Kyla Metchette (1st place), Beckman Hart (2nd place) and Miranda Becquet (3rd place) in their age group.  Congratulations to Caitlyn Cu (1st place), Mikella Deigert (2nd place) and Izel Hui  (3rd place)  in their age group.   The Fall, 2011 team members:  Kean Antonio, Eddy Bakovic, Miranda Becquet, Caitlyn Cu, Mikella Deigert, Ava Eagan, Emma Fogle, Beckman Hart, Izel Hui, Hannah Pilgrim, Peter Tanaka, Allyson Young, Sandhya Andrews, Kaela Antonio, Rucha Acholkar, Grace Boyd, Sammy Discher, Yannik Eckart, Noah Iles, Ethan Lee, Christoper Ma, Blake Knudsen, Ian Thompson, Jordan Turco, Philip Vakoula, Colin Young

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