The Ball Is In Your Court- But What’s The Right One?

Through the years I have found that younger children need adjustments to the gear they bring on court. From rackets with smaller handles to lower density balls, every child should have the gear that’s right for them to help them maximize their learning.

Below are some items that Coach Suzi recommends.  Each player needs to bring one can/bag of three unopened balls with them to all lessons and can be purchased through these links:

Penn QST 60- Orange Balls

Penn QST 36- Red Balls




2019- Tennis products to start the year off right!

We all want to start our new year off on a great foot. To help you inspire, learn and succeed in you and your child’s tennis journey, we’ve included a list of 5 items that inspire us to have a better tennis and new year! In partnership with Amazon’s affiliate program, we wanted to recommend some of the most inspiring items for you and your junior athlete!

We could all use a leg up in our game, what’s more motivating to set up your tennis domination on the court this year than by learning about the secrets from the top tennis professionals in the world!

My daughter was walking through Whole foods and came across this awesome calendar, she was so excited to see strong girls and thought you might enjoy this message of empowerment too, I know I do! This wall calendar is full of images of strong girls, participating in and thriving with sports, I think this is the perfect gift for your junior athlete!


We all need heroes in our lives and I can’t think of a better way to introduce children to Serena and Venus through this beautiful children’s book.

Speaking of heroes here is another hero of ours who set the stage for Women players. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Emma Stone play Billie Jean King in ‘Battle of the Sexes’, go watch it. Or better yet get this book to give you an in depth look at what she’s learned through her challenges.


This list wouldn’t be complete without delving in to the great tennis player Arthur Ashe. An amazing man, player and story. Definitely give this book a read!

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