Canyon/Creekside Tennis Team – Fall, 2018

Welcome to the

Castro Valley Middle Schools Tennis Team home page

Thank you for your interest in the Fall, 2018 Canyon/Creekside Tennis Team, comprised of Canyon and Creekside Middle School players who have been chosen to be on the team.

The Fall, 2018 Tennis Team Info Meeting for all players (and parents, if their schedule permits) is on Wednesday, August 29, from 3:10 – 4:00.  This is a mandatory meeting.  I have no idea if your player is interested in the team unless they come to this meeting. Just because they have come out for previous teams does not mean that I know they will come out for this team.

Try-Out dates and times for new players:

  • Wednesday, 8/29, 4:00 – 5:00
  • Thursday, 8/30, 3:10 – 5:00
  • Friday, 8/31, 3:10 – 5:00

New players will be invited to the team based on their cumulative match scores over the three days of try-outs, as well as team openings.  For example, if I have 20 openings, then the top 20 scorers over the three days of try-outs will receive an invitation to the team.

Former players will be invited to the team based on their tennis experience since the Spring, 2018 season.  Roster spots are not guaranteed to former members.

Potential Canyon and Creekside players need to receive an athletic clearance prior to August 29 by visiting the Canyon or Creekside athletics web site.

Creekside athletic clearance site:

Questions? Contact Suzi Mills at

Fall, 2018 Tennis Clubhouse Info:

Approximately, 100 students will try out for the tennis team.  I put 25 on the A team, and 35 on the B team.  Like most middle schools team, this is not a no-cut team.  I chose the team based on experience, dedication to the sport for former players, and for new players; try-out scores.

B Team – The 35 players on the B team practices on Mondays at Canyon from 3:15 – 4:30.  This team works mainly on serves and basic strokes, as well as on consistency, scoring, and strategy.  The B tennis team prepares players for competition within our league.  Practices are not tennis lessons.   B team players compete intramurally and do not travel

B Team first practice – If your child makes the team, the B team practices on Mondays only from 3:10 – 4:30 from September 10 through early November, excluding school holidays.  

A Team – The 25 players on the A team practice on Wednesdays from 3:15 – 4:45, and Fridays from 3:15 – 5:45, as part of the Alameda County Junior Tennis League (ACJTL).  This team is about competition and strategy.  Players on the A teams are experienced, competitive tennis players, committed to the sport and have participated, and will continue to participate in lessons and other tennis programs in the off-season.

If your child makes the team, practices begin on September 5 from 3:10 – 4:30.  A schedule will be mailed to you in early September or upon request at

The league format is to play four singles matches and three doubles matches (#1-#10 players on the ladder) for points toward league standings. The #11-25 players are expected to be at all matches, and will play after the top 10 players have completed their matches.

A Team transportation – Parents provide transportation to and from away matches. This season we are only scheduled to travel to Palomares and John Muir.

A team Practice – A team practices are on Wednesdays, from 3: 00– 4:30.  A team matches are on Fridays from mid-September through early November.   A schedule will be provided when your player is invited on the team.  

A and B Team Roster postings – The A and B team rosters will be posted on the Canyon tennis court bulletin board and in the gyms at Canyon and Creekside.  If I have your email address, I will send you the roster.

Fall Season – CVMS Tennis Team Try-Outs only occur during the Fall season not the Spring season. In the past, over 100 players have come out for the Fall team and I invite 60 to be on the team. At team try-outs, players will play matches against other players trying out and record their scores. Players will be chosen on their tennis experience and scores during try-outs.


 Here is some additional information I need you to know if your player makes the team:

  1. Please have your player bring two unopened cans of tennis balls to practice as soon as convenient. We take donations of used tennis balls, as well!
  2.  Please have your player bring a bottle of water to drink from, or fill from the drinking fountain, to every tennis practice.  The players are hungry after school so you should provide your player with an after school snack that they can eat before practice.
  3. Players need to use the school restroom immediately after school. In the past, they are closed by 3:15. The closest restroom to the tennis courts are the soccer field portapotties.
  4. Please let me know via e-mail if your child is unable to make practice due to illness or injury.

Court Etiquette for Players, Parents and Friends:

Tennis Team Conduct:

  1. Talk quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use
  2. Don’t walk across the back of another court until the players have finished playing a point.  This can be distracting to them and affect their play.
  3. Put jackets, water bottles and any other items you have off the court and out of the way.
  4. Keep a positive outlook through the match.  Remember, your playing for the fun of it.
  5. Accept all calls made by your opponent – without arguing or sulking.
  6. If your ball goes into the next court, wait until the players on that court finish the point before you ask for the ball.  If a ball comes onto your court return it as soon as play has stopped on both courts.
  7. If there is a disagreement on the score, go back to the last score that you both agree on.
  8. After the last point, come to the net and shake hands.  Let your opponent know that you appreciate the match no matter what the outcome. 
  9. It is considered unsportsmanlike to:
    • Display your temper
    • Swear
    • Use obscene gestures
    • Throw your racquet
    • Hit the ball in anger
    • Stall
    • Cheat 

Tennis Team Parents, Friends and Coaches Sportsmanship/Conduct: 

Parents, friends and coaches are expected to observe good manners at all times.  They are not allowed to:

  1. Be on court except to pick up balls with a ball tube
  2. Volunteer advice on line calls, scoring or the conduct of the match
  3. Coach
  4. Talk to players or sit or stand near a court in such a way as to distract others

Tennis Team Rainy Day Policy:

 Practice Days/Home Matches: 

  • If it is raining at 2:00, the practice or home match is cancelled.
  • If the ground is wet at 2:00, the practice or home match is cancelled.
  • On rainy days or when the courts are wet, I send an e-mail to all parents by 2:00, telling them that the practice or the home match is cancelled.   I will also update this web site.

Away Matches:

  • If it is raining at 2:00, I call the opposing coach to discuss the weather.  If we decide to cancel, I will send an e-mail to all parents by 2:10 cancelling the match.

If the weather is unsettled, and the home coach wants to proceed, we have to proceed until the home coach cancels the match.   Assume that the match is on until you’ve heard from me.  By 2:10, I will try to e-mail parents alerting them that the match is still on.