Class Policy – Each tennis session includes a series of eight consecutive lessons. Tennis lessons are continuous. At the end of the eighth lesson, your player will be automatically registered into the next series of four or eight lessons unless you cancel (see Lesson Cancellation Policy below).   If you sign up for Monday and Thursday lessons, they may be billed separately (i.e., you may be billed for four Monday lessons and four Thursday lessons).

Group lesson Policy – Each group session includes a series of  eight consecutive lessons. The reason why I ask for an eight lesson commitment is that it may take right lessons for your player to become comfortable with the equipment, class format, skills, drills and games and my staff and me.

Players of Age 6 and Under – Players of age 6 and under in group lessons need to have an adult near the courts (not the parking lot) at all times. Many times this child needs individual attention (e.g., to use the restroom, to blow their nose or get a band-aid). My staff and I are not able to leave the other players in the class to give individualized attention off-court to your young child while we are teaching the lesson.

Payment Policy – Payment for the series of classes is due on the first day of the lesson series. PayPal (to suzistennis@gmail.com), Zelle, cash or check (made out to Suzi Mills) or credit card accepted. If paying in cash, please put the cash in an envelope with the player’s name on it. I will e-mail you a receipt for cash payments.

Overdue Payments – You will receive an e-mail reminder if payment isn’t received on the first lesson of the new eight lesson series. There is a ten day grace period only. If payment is not received by the tenth day after the first lesson, you will be assessed a late payment fee of $5 for every lesson not paid.

Lesson Cancellation Policy – You need to give me ten days notice that your child is no longer going to be enrolled in lessons. That is a fair business practice and a consideration that you would give other instructors. This allows me time to alter my court rental agreement with CVUSD, and to adjust my staffing since there will be one less student. It also gives me time to try to find a replacement player so that the other parents in a group lesson will not have to pay an additional fee for a semi-private lesson.

Rain-Out Policy: If one of the classes in a series has to be cancelled due to rain, there is no charge, and your payment will go to the next class in the series.  I will notify you two hours before the lesson is scheduled whether it is cancelled. If you do not hear from me that the lesson is cancelled, then the lesson is on. You will be charged for any lesson that takes place (see also make-up lesson policy below). If we are rained out during the lesson, I will stay at the courts until your child is picked up.

Air Quality Policy: If the Air Quality Index is above 151, class is cancelled and you will not be charged.

If the AQI is below 151, then class will be held:

  • -If you email me the morning of class that your child will not attend due to poor air quality, then they get a free makeup class in any age/level appropriate class I teach (other than their regularly scheduled lesson.)
  • -If your child doesn’t come to class, and you don’t email me, they will not a get a makeup lesson.

 CV Junior Tennis Make-up Lesson Policy – To receive a make-up lesson, you need to give me 24 hours notice that your player is not coming to lesson. If the student is unable to come to one of the eight scheduled lessons, then he or she has three months to make up their missed lesson by attending a make-up lesson in another (i.e., different) class.   If you give me less than 24 hours notice that you or your player won’t be in the lesson, you forfeit your make-up class.

 For example, if a student missed one class scheduled for Mondays from 4:00-5:00, then they would be able to make up that lesson during another scheduled class on any day and time other than Monday from 4:00-5:00, within three months of the missed lesson.

USTA Make-up Lesson Policy Does Not Exist- I offer programs through two different businesses; the USTA and CV Junior Tennis. Our policies are different. The USTA does not offer make-ups for their missed lessons.  When your contract is with the USTA, it is not with CV Junior Tennis.  It’s similar to you registering your child for a season of youth league soccer, basketball or an eight week art class.  If you miss a game/lesson, you don’t get a make-up.

Lessons are not school-sponsored activities – Although some lessons are given at Canyon, tennis lessons are not a CVUSD or school-sponsored activity. CV Junior Tennis rents the courts from CVUSD, like an outside soccer or basketball program. Therefore, the main office will not make an announcement in the event of a rain-out or an event if the lesson is cancelled. Parents should contact Suzi if there is a problem with transportation on lesson days.

Minimum Days – Tennis lessons will be held for middle school players after school on minimum days. If school is out at 1:55, then the lesson will begin at 2:00 and go the full 90 minutes. If school is out at 12:35, then the lesson will go from 12:45 – 2:15. Sometimes there are minimum days that are not on the CVUSD calendar. It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate to me about the minimum day. If they do not, and the player does not attend the lesson, then the player will be charged for the lesson.  Elementary school players who participate in middle school classes will not be charged for lessons on minimum days if they do not attend.

Emergency Information Form: An emergency information form is required for every student taking tennis lessons. If an accident were to occur, I need to be able to get medical help for your child. If your e-mail or address changes, please complete a new form.

 NOTE: As a courtesy to the other students in the class and me, please e-mail me if you or your child cannot attend the lesson. I would greatly appreciate it so I can inform the other students, as well as make alternative lesson plans.

Holiday Policy (Mondays): If a school holiday falls on a Monday, then I will ask you whether you would like to participate in a lesson on that day. If we have four players, then we will have the lesson.  If you participate, you are charged for the lesson.  If you don’t participate, there is no charge.

Holiday Policy (Sundays): If a you have a player in Sunday lessons, then I will ask you whether you would like to participate in a lesson during the three day holiday.  If we have four players, then we will have the lesson.  If you participate, you are charged for the lesson.  If you don’t participate, there is no charge.

I offer daily lessons seven days a week, and arrange classes with other students of similar abilities and ages. For further information, contact Suzi Mills at 881-5840 or at cvjuniortennis@gmail.com

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