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Castro Valley USTA Junior Team Tennis League

The USTA Junior Team Tennis League is on fire in Castro Valley! 

Junior Team Tennis in Castro Valley is a non-traveling team experience for girls and boys, age 9-17.   We play on Saturdays and Sundays in Castro Valley during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons.  USTA Junior Team Tennis is a national youth tennis league played in all 50 states. It’s all about building your game while building a team.

Kids get together to play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes values you would expect from any sport by fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity and individual self-growth. Also, it’s a fun environment for kids where they learn that succeeding is really more about how you play the game – win or lose.

Each season, the league members are placed onto a team.  Every week the player scores points for themselves and for their team.  At the end of the season, the winning team receives a medal, as well as the most improved players. For more detailed information, e-mail Suzi at

Location: Held on the courts at Canyon Middle School, 19600 Cull Canyon Road  in Castro Valley.  Please e-mail Suzi with questions at

Here are some tips to help your child enjoy tennis and perform at his or her best:

1. As a parent, you play a critical role in helping your child enjoy their tennis journey. Try to focus on your child, rather than comparing them to other children is important because not all children achieve the same outcomes or need the same support.

2. Not all children need the same involvement from their parents. Some players want a lot of encouragement; others want their parents to be silent. Some don’t even want their parents to watch. Ask them what they want from you.

3. What works for one player might not work for another. I have found that that juniors are uncomfortable with their opponent’s parents on court watching them.

With my middle school team, I try to be sensitive to players on both teams and ask them if they are comfortable with coaches, friends and/or family on court. If one of the players is uncomfortable, then, as home coach, I will not let anyone on court to observe. In the last 14 years of coaching, not one player wanted their parents or someone else’s parents on court.

Parents and Friends Court Conduct and Sportsmanship:

Parents and friends are expected to observe good manners at all times.

1. Recommend good match habits but don’t do everything for your child. They need to fill and bring their own water bottle and ensure their shoes are tied tightly and a hat and sunglasses is in their tennis bag.
2. Remind your child that you will be proud of them whatever the outcome
3. Emphasize effort, attitude, and enjoyment
4. Have a positive and happy attitude
1. Walk on court at any time except to pick up balls or by permission from the coach
2. Volunteer advice on line calls, scoring or the conduct of the match
3. Coach your child or give them signals
4. Talk to players or sit or stand near a court in such a way as to distract others.
5. Tell your child that “you can/should win”, which will make them nervous
6. Be negative or show emotions during their time on court

Fall, 2018 Junior Team Tennis on Sundays:

  1. 1st place = Hydration Nation (Torrance, Joshua, Nikolas, Sean, Isis, Uraia)
    2nd place = Honey Buckets (Timothy. Ethan, Gabriel, Alexia)
    3rd/4th place = Wild Owls and Wasian (Ethan, Brady, Daniel, Kevin, Arya, Kyle, Daniel, Francis)

Fall, 2018 Junior Team Tennis on Saturdays:

    • 1st place = Flame Throwers (Jackson, Joshua, Marco, Pierce, Stelios)
    • 2nd place = I Like Turtles (Amani, Christina, Connor, Joey, John, Maxim)
    • 3rd place = Blue Otters (Bonny, Elijah, Hazel, Santiago, Yuuki, Joseph)
  • 4th place = No Ones (Alayna, Andy, Kate, Koen, Nora, Spencer)

Winter, 2018 Junior Team Tennis on Sundays:

1st place = Team A  (Sarah, William, Ella, James, Jehan)

2nd place = Team B (Emily, Leewon, Gabe, Lucas, Justin)

3rd place = Quite Ghosts (Rebecca, Jordan, Emmy, David, Nikolas, Sean)

4th place = (Tania, Aidan, Drew, Peter)

Winter, 2018 Junior Team Tennis (RB) on Saturdays:

1st place = Savage Cabbage (Austin, Elvin, Hazel, Tatum)
2nd place = Sting Rays (Zahra, Lucy, Alexia and Mae)

3rd place = Tennis Titans (Alex, Emera, Nathan and Terry)
4th place = Purple Tigers (Natalie, Danny, Desmond, Walter)

Fall, 2017 Junior Team Tennis

1st place = Warriors (Marcus, Curtis, David, Nikolas, Kaitlyn, Nick)

2nd place = No Names (Ben, Justin, Nathan, Levina, Leewon, Viv)

3rd place =  Dominating Awesome Players (Helena, Alex, Sophie, Isis, Tony, Michael)

4th place = Planet Baron (Drew, Peter, Josh, Jeanette, David, Emmy, Timothy)

Spring, 2017 Junior Team Tennis

Spring, 2017 JTT

1st place = Silver Fences (Ben, Isis, Sophie, Vasanth)

2nd place = The Nothings Nick, Emmy, Cameron, Jehan)

3rd place = Purple Stars (Sammie, Alex, Vincent, Charlize)

4th place = Random Nonsense (Peter, Amar, Levina, Anika)

Congratulations to:

Levina La and Vincent Le: Most Improved Players

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